Library Programs

The goal of the Islamic Da’wah Center Library is to emphasize the link between the IDC library and its intellectual endeavors through programs and classes. Therefore, the Islamic Da`wah Center Library is committed to providing educational and cultural programs for its members, non-members, and visitors. To fulfill our educational commitment, we will hold classes and programs instructed by experts in Islamic knowledge.

Worldwide lecturers and scholars will share knowledge about Islam; Islamic history, cultures, and literature; and Arabic language. In addition, program topics will range from classical Islamic knowledge to contemporary issues that affect global Muslim communities. Programs and classes will give participants opportunities to examine the historical and cultural aspects of Islam, review historical and current events, and study global and local challenges facing Muslims, as well as acquire academic knowledge that will enrich learning about Islamic culture and life as a Muslim.

Featured Islamic Da’wah Center Library programs are Author Series, Lecture Series, Learn Arabic, and Learn About Islam. Each program or class is designed to deliver extensive knowledge about subject content.

Highlighted programs and features are:

Author Series

While featuring authors recognized for their professional achievements, the Author Series will also highlight various aspects of the authors’ published writings.

Whether in a small group setting or as a class, participants will have the opportunity to study, explore, and interact with guest authors through an approach that critically evaluates an author’s writing style.

Lecture Series

The Lecture Series will feature lectures with an emphasis on global and local events affecting the Islamic world as a way for participants to develop an understanding about current Islamic issues. Participants will also have an opportunity to examine in depth the different facets of Islam, its history, and its cultures through scholarly lectures.

Scholars and lecturers will share academic information about Islam, historical Islamic events, and current topics. Each scholar will showcase his or her expertise and share valuable information with participants about past and present events. In addition, scholars will describe and explain both historical and current events and their impact of certain events in society today.

Learn Arabic

Arabic has evolved from a regional language, to an important international language spoken by over 300 million people in over 22 countries. Its graceful script and rich vocabulary give the language a unique character and style. The Library will offer Arabic language classes designed to teach language skills to individuals interested in improving their Arabic speaking skills or learning a new language.
Scholars that are experts in Arabic language will teach participants words, phrases, and basic language, as well as whole language, Arabic skills.