Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Guidelines and Parking


Appropriate dress is required. (Modest, unrevealing) Women should bring scarves, if they cannot bring one, a scarf will be provided at the Center – free of charge.

Food & Drink

Food and drinks are not allowed anywhere in the center.


Children are not allowed to wander unattended, or disturb other visitors, please keep them with you all the time. Help us maintain the center by explaining to them how important it is to respect the sanctity of the place. For security reasons, children are not allowed to play outside, in the parking area or out on the street. The Islamic Da`wah Center bear no responsibility of any unfortunate incident occur to a child on or around its premises.

Bags & Packages

Back bags & large packages are not allowed in the prayer hall or the basement. Visitors may leave these items by the front desk.

Center Access

The center is wheelchair accessible.


Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available at all levels.

Cell Phones

Please place your cell phone on silent so others can enjoy their visit.


Elevators are available from the ground floor.


The center has its own parking area. It is accessible through Travis & Franklin St. Double parking is not allowed in the center’s parking area.


The Islamic Da`wah Center is a smoke free facility.

Photography/Video & Audio

Photography & video or audio recorders are not permitted anywhere in the center.